Landscape Services

We offer a wide variety of services in the Landscaping field.  We offer weekly mowing services including mowing, catching of clippings (if chosen), edging of the drive and walks, weed eating, and blowing off of all hard surfaces.  There is a spring, fall and storm clean-up services which entails cleaning up the yard, all flower beds, leaves, dead foliage, trimming of shrubs, bushes, and trees.  Our mulching service includes a double shredded mulch (bark or pallet), and a spraying of a liquid pre-emergent and a dry application too.  We also provide landscape installations and renovations.  Our water features are all custom designed and includes water falls, ponds, fountains and pond less water features.  We thin out over grown and woody areas on properties to give the homeowner more usable yard space.  We also offer low voltage landscape lighting installations and sprinkler irrigation system turn ons and shut offs.  We provide yard drainage systems to help with water issues on the property.  We also provide both residential and commercial landscaping services.  We sell and install Titan Flag poles sizes 15-25 feet.  All flag poles include the pole and American Flag and installation instructions.


The first picture show a pond-less water fountain which is natural basalt.  The next three pictures is a 4 tier waterfall with 2 dump off streams to the main pond.

The above pictures shows the installation of a pondless three tier waterfall. We cut slices on the sides of the hard plastic reservoir so water can get to the pump.  Pondless waterfalls have much less upkeep and maintenance compared to ponds.  We line our ponds and waterfalls with an actual rubber liner.  The landscape lights add a nice touch to highlight landscape focal point.



Here are before and after pictures of a spring clean up.  The top pictures show what we call in the industry "flower bed neglect".  The lower pictures show the job we did with the beds.  We installed new bed edging, cleaned up of the beds, trimmed the shrubs and trees, weed removal and a fresh coat of mulch to make this property look great.


When it comes to landscape lighting, less is more.  As seen with these photos of our landscape lighting jobs, we never over light the house.  Landscape lighting is supposed to high light areas of interest, not light up the entire front of the house.


We are the authorized dealer of Titan Flag Poles in Ohio.  We sell 15, 20, and 25 foot poles.  The 15 foot pole is $229, The 20 foot pole is $279, and the 25 foot pole is $319.  The flag poles come with the pole, flag and installation instructions.  We also offer install services at a rate of $60 per flag pole.  Show your American spirit or political pride with a new flag pole.

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